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Connie Chow, President

Steve Yang, Vice President

Tanya Straza, Construction Manager

Adam Rabeda, Asset Manager

Steven Tao, Public Relations, CEO

Hugh Carter, General Manager

Nelson Chan, Finances, Accounting

Eric Sun, Senior Accountant

Mandy Chan, Administrator

Bill Turnbull, General Manager

Morley Luscombe, Development Manager

Fiona Tao, Development Manager

Paul Khera, Construction Manager

Maggie Viviers, Mall Manager

Al Baker, Maintenance Manager

Pollyco is a residential and commercial development company formed in 1993, with offices throughout western Canada.

Pollyco is currently working on over 5,000 acres of residential, commercial and mixed-use development properties in BC and Alberta, including town centres, shopping malls, hotels, apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes.

Pollyco’s success is largely due to its dedicated, senior management team that invests much time and energy to realize Pollyco’s long-term goals with customer satisfaction. At its core, Pollyco aims to build quality and sustainable communities where residents love to live, shop, work and play.

Connie Chow, Founder, President
Pollyco was founded by its president, Connie Chow, who has been involved in the development of more than 12 large master planned communities ranging in scale from 150 acres to 2,400 acres. As President, she is engaged in all aspects of the company with over 25 years of experience in marketing, land assembly, land use planning, rezoning, residential and commercial development.

Steve Yang, Vice President

Steve Yang is responsible for overseeing the developments and assets of the Pollyco Group and directing its operations, including financing, legal, and planning. He has previously been involved in the planning and management of multi-family projects in Metro Vancouver and Richmond.

Hugh Carter, General Manager – British Columbia
Based in B.C., Hugh Carter acts as General Manager and brings over 35 years of experience in land assembly and development, single and multi-family residential development, and, commercial development.

Tanya Straza, Construction Manager - British Columbia

Tanya Straza has over 12 years of experience in the construction industry and is responsible for managing and coordinating the active construction projects of the Pollyco Group.

Adam Rabeda, Asset Manager - British Columbia

Based in B.C., Adam Rabeda is responsible for managing the tenanted properties of the Pollyco Group as well coordinating the sale and acquisition of assets. 

Steven Tao, Public Relations, CEO - British Columbia

Steven Tao acts as Director of Public Relations and CEO, with over 25 years of experience in marketing, property management, residential development, construction, land assembly, 

planning and rezoning.

Nelson Chan, Finances/Accounting - British Columbia

Nelson Chan is responsible for overseeing the accounting and finances of the Pollyco Group.

Eric Sun - Senior Accountant - British Columbia

Eric Sun is responsible for managing the accounting of the Pollyco Group. 

Mandy Chan, Administrator - British Columbia

Mandy Chan is the administrator and bookkeeper of the Pollyco Group. 

Bill Turnbull, General Manager – Alberta
Turnbull manages the Alberta land development projects out of Calgary and brings over 40 years’ experience in land development, single and multi-family housing, and, commercial development.

Morley Luscombe, Development Manager – Prince George
Morley Luscombe has over 40 years’ experience in retail management, property management (residential, commercial, public warehousing, R.V. Park), and land use planning and rezoning.

Fiona Tao, Development Manager – Alberta

Fiona Tao's focus has been residential and commercial development, including a diverse range of single family, multiple family and mixed-used projects. 

Paul Khera, Construction Manager – Alberta
Paul Khera has experience in construction for 20 years, and is fuelled with passion & pursuit of building strong communities. Paul Khera is responsible for overseeing the construction of our Alberta Division “Sunstar Homes Inc.” since 2012 by highly engaged in daily operations of the company, working closely with leadership team, providing directions and able to develop long lasting relationship, and creating meaningful connections with contractors and consultants.

Maggie Viviers, Mall Manager – Prince Rupert
Maggie Viviers has 12 years administrative management experience and 5 years of commercial retail and property management, now taking care of the day to day operations of the Rupert Square Mall, Prince Rupert.

Al Baker, Maintenance Manager – Prince Rupert
Al Baker has been with the Rupert Square Mall over 20 years and manages all building and property maintenance for the Mall.

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